Back from the break…

September 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear Readers,

Hello! After a very busy last month or so, I’m ready to resume regular writing at The Ignatian Educator. There are some changes in the works, but I will still be writing and posting on all things in Ignatian education. I appreciate your support and patience as I took a breather these last few weeks. Please continue to share and link as you see fit.

I wanted to post again a few pieces I wrote over the summer that I really like but which didn’t gain much attention, probably because it was summer.  They are linked (with an excerpt) below, and I think they are nice pieces for the beginning of the year.  Thanks for reading.

From “When the rock splits to pieces: What we learn from St. Peter”:

Not long after Peter is granted this authority, he demonstrates a complete unworthiness to be given it. Peter: the “rock” of the Church, the one who declares the truth about Jesus, disowns Jesus the night He is arrested and shortly before He is crucified. As Jesus had predicted, Peter denies knowing Him three times. The hardships of discipleship — which Jesus had warned about often — had suddenly become real, and when they did so, Peter collapsed. His knowledge didn’t create bravery. Peter could offer intellectual assent, but he wasn’t willing to risk his own bodily safety or reputation. Not yet.

Read more here.

From “Authenticity and the Catholic Educator”:

But Ignatian education, and Catholic education in general, brings in the fullness of life. We are teachers, coaches, and club moderators, and given our commitment to the voyage of faith, we are also spiritual leaders. We are asked to weigh the natural against the supernatural, the temporal against the timeless.

Read the rest here.

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