“Best essay” from Catholic Press Association

June 29, 2013 § 2 Comments

As I recently wrote on my personal Facebook page, I want to engage in what I hope is some tasteful self-promotion.

I learned last week that the Catholic Press Association named my September 2012 essay “Help Their Unbelief” from America magazine as the “best essay” in the category of national general interest magazine for 2012. (You can find the official CPA announcement here.)

I hesitated writing about this, because self-promotion feels unseemly. But if one wants to continue to grow one’s audience as a writer (not to mention as a musician, artist, lawyer, doctor…), it’s occasionally necessary. Talented writers sit at every corner of the world wide web, and with limited time each day, and still less time to engage in discretionary reading, it’s difficult to know where to spend one’s intellectual capital. We cannot read everything we want.

I know everyone who reads this blog has been faithful without me pointing to outside recognition, but I hope the CPA award inspires more confidence and motivates you to continue to read and share and link and comment. I continue to try to increase readership, and every “like” or tweet helps.

Here is the essay that won and below is a little screenshot from the CPA awards site. Thanks again for reading!

Picture 2

Screenshot from Catholic Press Association site

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§ 2 Responses to “Best essay” from Catholic Press Association

  • Val says:

    Wait, I’m reading through stuff trying to catch up after a week and I’m the first person to like this? Congrats, seriously, that’s a very cool deal. I struggle sometimes with how to receive compliments on pieces acknowledged to have an inspired element to them. I’ve cometo the conclusion that self-promotion (when necessary) isn’t so bad if the truth is that I am being recognized for good stewardship of God’s gift to me as a writer. Blessinbs for your Sunday.

  • memerson says:

    Thanks Val. I got some good feedback on Facebook, but I appreciate your kind words here.

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