Dave Gregory to the Class of 2013: Embrace the ‘impractical’

June 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

Over the next few days, The Ignatian Educator will be posting reflections from a few Ignatian educators around the country. The prompt given to them was this: What would you say to the class of 2013? In approximately 250 words, give a mini commencement address.

Today’s contribution comes from Dave Gregory of Xavier College Preparatory in Palm Desert, CA.

Embrace the ‘impractical’

By Dave Gregory

June 5, 2013

Congratulations, you are no longer young adults (at least in my mind). You, like me, are young-ish adults. Growing into young-ish adulthood becomes increasingly weird.Wait a second, I’m done learning in the classroom? Wait a second, what’s this, I have a real job? People who I once considered friends aren’t really friends anymore? I have to go grocery shopping?

Take heart, for there exist magical items called Trader Joe’s meals, a.k.a. the manna of bachelordom. It can even get slightly depressing; the steady stream of social events will run dry, and you might live alone for the first time time in your lives. But rejoice! You are not there quite yet.

Now you have the extraordinary privilege of going to college, an opportunity offered to the slimmest minority of humanity. You get to continue to learn how to think, because that’s what college is about, really. Your major will only constitute around one-quarter of your studies, so explore! Change majors, study whatever you want, even if it’s totally “impractical.” I’ve come to discover that the majority of things the secular culture considers impractical are in fact the most practical, as they concern things of the highest order.

Get your hands on some Plato and Aristotle.

Above all, remember this: at the conclusion of your educations, your minds will be “worth” tens, and potentially hundreds, of thousands of dollars. And if you re-invest your educations into the brokenness of humanity, you will be infinitely happier than if you turn to strictly selfish (and ultimately soul-destructing) pursuits.

Thanks be to God for your lives. We’ll be praying for you, please remember us in your hearts as well.

Dave Gregory

Dave Gregory


Dave Gregory is a graduate of Regis High School (2006) and Georgetown University (2010). He teaches theology at Xavier College Preparatory in Palm Desert, CA.


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