Colbert and Catholicism

February 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

The Catholic neighborhoods of the world wide web have been chatting the last few days about a recent “Colbert Report,” on which Jesuit Fr. James Martin appeared to discuss the Pope’s resignation (sorry, cannot imbed video). A few years ago, Colbert named Fr. Martin the “Colbert Report” chaplain. Colbert has interviewed him probably close to a dozen times, discussing matters from social justice to scripture to Mother Theresa. It is actually pretty astonishing how frequently Colbert integrates his Catholic faith. Having taught sophomore scripture the last few years, I want to name Colbert the next Pope or declare him an early saint for making Catholicism less uninteresting to teenagers.

Fr. Martin’s appearances, I once realized, were just a few of the many moments where the show included Catholic personalities or references. In light of that, I decided to review past interviews and discuss some of the particularly Catholic segments and what they might signify.

I gathered those reflections into an essay, published originally in Patheos and then picked up by the Washington Post. Check it out and let me know what you think — especially if you watch his interview of Philip Zimbardo, which is probably the greatest interview I’ve ever watched, mainly because of the last five seconds of it. Enjoy.


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